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Maintaining bronze and silver jewellery requires a tiny bit more work than gold, which is the only true stainless metal. Oxydisation happens when silver and bronze come into contact with air, water and grease, but his general "wear and tear" is easily remedied. Here are our tips!


Keep your jewellery in a dedicated jewellery box, and maybe a jewellery cloth, to avoid unnecessary contact with other harmful substances.

Be sure to remove your jewellery when cleaning, exercising, going swimming ect...

Make sure you do not spray your perfume onto your jewellery, and use a soap with a neutral PH level (if you do not remove your jewellery in the shower)


Bicarbonate of soda: Put a touch of bicarbonate on an all ready wet toothbrush and delicately brush your item.

Cold wood ash: same technique as the bicarbonate of soda.

White Vinegar : Soak your silver jewellery in white vinegar for around 2 hours then rinse.

Lemon Juice: Soak your toothbrush in lemon juice and gently brush your jewellery.


Coca Cola: Soak your jewellery in coca cols for 1 minute then rinse abundantly with soapy water.

Toothpaste: Cover your silver jewellery in toothpaste and leave it for 30 minutes.