Valis Volkova’s Corona Cure

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Keeping it sweet and short, here is a little interview with the beautiful Valis Volkova to give you some food for thought!

1.) How Are you? How are you dealing with the lock down?

Hello, I’m good thank you! Like everybody I am having up and down moments, adjusting to this new lifestyle, but I’m feeling very grateful to be healthy right now and have a reason to relax!

2.) Can you give our readers an insight into what your days are like right now? What has become your new routine?

Every day I get up early in the morning to get ready and have breakfast before my daily 3 hour livestream: The Happy Morning Breakfast Show. Then I’ll do any emails/admin work before lunch, leaving the afternoons free to relax and to create new content!

3.) Any tips to stay sane?

I have noticed I am in a much better mood when I like my outfit, so my top tip would be to get out of bed in the morning and get ready, even if you are doing nothing that day! Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself and glam up, even if it’s just a bit of mascara. Sometimes that’s all you need to feel like the sass queen that you are!

4.) Indulge me, why do you like working with Dirty French Girl jewellery? Do you have a favourite design?

I absolutely adore working with DFG because every design is completely unique, quirky, badass and sexy. A combination that’s unusual to find in jewellery designs! Also Chloe the founder and designer is such a sweetheart and I love her dearly! My favourite design is the Bite My Pearl necklace. It’s so elegant at first glance, but when you look at it in closer detail, you’ll see it’s quite a naughty design. Wearing it is a statement in itself!

5.) What is the first thing you’re doing when this lockdown is over?

I miss eating out and having coffee mornings with my friends! (DFG Founder included!) First thing I’m going to do is eat out at a restaurant and then get on a train to Chester to visit all of my family and friends living up in the North West. I think I’ll probably stay up that way for a couple of months for a change of scenery.