The Importance of Celebrating the Little Things!

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As we begin our second year of lock down, the mountain that is this pandemic may start to weigh on many of us. And from there, it is easy to spiral downwards!

The progress is slow, but we must not forget that as a World, we have a collection big picture goal, and it will happen! It is the beginning of the end, and to stay sane until life gets back to normal, I wanted to remind every one to celebrate the little things! The small wins, that we don’t usually acknowledge, but that in these trying times, are a total achievement!

On a general scale, we now have 3 vaccines, the world has started administering them, so things can only start to get better!
2020 was trying year for sure, but if the pandemic had any silver lining, is that it has made many re-evaluate what is important to them , and in many ways has taught us a lot about ourselves!
Personally, I have quit smoking, moved country, and gotten back in touch with a long lost childhood friend! I also (briefly) attempted to learn how to use my long board: but let’s say that the trying part was the small win, because it is back in my flat decorating the space, making it look cool (my knees can attest to how dreadful I was).

By celebrating these small wins and patting ourselves on the back (a bit of self love never hurt anyone right 😉 we mentally get one step closer to our big picture goal! We gain clarity, and can start getting exciting for everything we want to do once this rubbish is over! It also helps us all realize our achievement don’t have to come from the “outside” world, but can (should) come from ourselves!!! The only appreciation you need is the appreciation you give yourself!!!
And this positivity is a “vicious” circle, once you start, it carries on: when an individual celebrates, endorphins release inside the body, and that person feels incredible. However, celebrating wins not only feels incredible physically, but it also reinforces the behavior you desire to show up when you face new opportunities or challenges in your life. So it just keeps going, as long as you do!

So what little things do you have to celebrate? Revel in them! Treat yourself, however you like, for achieving them!

xxx DFG