Sustainable Weddings!

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So 2020 is upon us, and I can confirm it is THE year for weddings! I have made so many engagement and wedding rings all ready and we are barely two months in! I always try to be sustaiable. work locally reuse and not waste, and it gotme thinking about weddings and how they can be a little not the best for the environment. So i thought what are a few bits and bobs all the bridezillas and grooms of doom could do to make their wedding just a little bit more planet friendly.

Number one, obviously, get me to make your jewellery! A sustainably minded jeweller to make your bespoke wedding jewellery any day of the year 😉

Number two go get your hair done at Anne Veck Oxford (she also does on location)!!! They are carbon neutral, and the whole salon is designed with “its good to be kind” in mind! They have recently changed their product range to work with Davines: an eco friendly and also carbon neutral all natural hair care range! Their packaging is made from recycled material and is recyclable again, and they have undertaken a tree planting initiative to help offset carbon emissions worldwide.

Number three: Confetti! looks pretty, but a bt of a culprit when it comes to littering! we recommend buying a heart shapes hole puncher, and collection leaves. Then when you’re chilling in the evening home, binging some Netflix, get your hole puncher, get your leaves, and start punching away to your hearts content! Yo then have some beautiful heart shapes confetti that is totally environmentally friendly!

Number four: location location location! It is no secret that cars, planes, boats… vehicles of all kind are not great for our mother earth, so if you can choose a local venue that is easy to get to for yourself and your guests and keep that travel distance and time down 😉

Number five, if you haven’t decided on a decor yet, maybe go for the shabby chic, reusable, DIY look. Use potted plants instead of cut flowers, and try to pan what happens to said plants after your wedding day. Use things such as crates, jam jars etc.. for decoration. It might be a bit more work on your end, but the end result is gorgeous and our planet will thank you.

I could drone on all day about tips and ideas to make a wedding more sustainable, but i’ll stop here. I hope to hear from more of you lovely couples to help make your day extra special

article by Dirty French Girl