Hold My Spectacles Necklace


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Don’t want to wear your glasses, but no idea where to put them? Worried they will slip off your collar and be lost forever ? Worry not, I got you fam!

Try on the “Hold My Spectacles” Necklace for size! Swag and totally practical, these babies can carry your specs wherever you want to go no sweat.

60cm chain.

Check out the matching bracelet here, part of the Anne Veck Collaboration!

Items made to order, so please allow a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks (for UK orders. Europe and WW may take a little longer, although we always endeavor to get orders to you much much faster )

This item is handmade by the original Dirty French Girl herself. The very first sample is a combination of hand carving wax, and hand drawn technical sketches that show the design from every angle. To get more detail and precision, the hand carving and sketches are then combined to create the perfect 3D CAD design. Once the CAD is perfect, DFG prints the design and has it cast into the very first silver prototype. Dirty French Girl will then hand polish and finish the piece, have a mould made, so that she can cast more, but she always hand polishes and finished the designs herself for that authentic DFG touch!