Stiletto Studs


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Sizzlingly Sexy Stiletto Stud: make your ear lobe pop with this idiosyncratic design!

Adorn yourself with a stiletto stud  and be the boss bitch you know you are!

Sold Individually.

Items made to order, so please allow a maximum of 6 to 8 weeks (for UK orders. Europe and WW may take a little longer, although we always endeavor to get orders to you much much faster 🙂

This item was a lot of fun for DFG to make. She started hand carving a stiletto over and over, but never quite getting it how she wanted. Then one day, whilst chatting with her cousin, her cousin pointed out that the size was the same as a barbie shoe. REVELATION lol. She gave her one her little girls Barbie stiletto’s to Dirty French Girl, who then made a mould, and boom, the Stiletto Stud was finally made!