The Breakout Convertible Mini Chain



The Breakout Convertible Mini chain can be worn as an extension to the trouser/necklace chain, or as a stand alone bracelet. It is 22 cm long, has one big silver barbed wire piece, and a medallion engraved with both DFG and CC’s logo.

The Breakout collection is a collaboration between Charli Cohen and Dirty French Girl, inspired by the process of eating disorder recovery, which is how both designers met. When you’re in the grip of an eating disorder, it’s your jail keeper. The turning point in recovery is when the jailer becomes your prisoner. You can’t eradicate it, you can’t deny its existence, but you can contain it and you can take away its power. 10% of the profits from each piece sold will be donated to BEAT Eating Disorder charity. Each piece is handmade to order, in London, by Dirty French Girl: Hand engraved disc and hand made barbed wire for that authentic DFG/CC touch!

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All items are made to order, please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery ( for UK orders. Europe and WW may take longer, but more often than not DFG works fast 😉