Don’t Dispair, DFG is here!

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Ahoy, loyal DFGers. Now I know covid-19 has everyone down in the dumps, but this Dirty French Girl is here to make you see the silver lining!!!

1.Yes, we are all stuck at home! BUT do we not all say, regularly, in our adult lives “if I had more time I would love to…” learn how to draw? learn an instrument? learn to knit? there are so many fun skills we can try our hands at whilst we have to stay home. I’m thinking of finding my old calligraphy set and giving that a go again. And if any of you are thinking of giving jewellery design and making a go, please please please do not be afraid to drop me an email or DM me on the gram! I will still be as active as ever and will happily help out!

2.Get fit? I find, that for things to become a habit I have to consistently make myself do it for about two weeks. So why not try out a new routine? Start your day with some yoga, loads of great videos on youtube, and then find some home workouts to do in the evening? Its free, its good for you mental and physical health, and after all this when you get back to the office, give something sexy for Susan to talk about 😉

3. And rejoice! With all this free time, I am working on new designs, so I will have loads of new goodies for you to wear in the weeks to come, keeping my instagram fresh for your entertainment. I also have some stock, so if any of you want to treat yourselves during the period, I won’t disapoint.

Please remember during the outbreak, as scary as it may be, you are not alone! Dirty French Girl, and so many other are here and just a click away! Stay safe, much love…

Art by Edouard Groult