First Encounter

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Before Dirty French Girl, there was CJM.
Chloe created CJM straight out of Central Saint Martins, fresh off graduating her bachelors degree in Jewellery design. Like many things, practise makes perfect, and CJM eventually turned into DFG- Dirty French Girl.

Chloe’s designs have always been big and bold. CJM already had a few fetishistic undertones, but Chloe was still finding herself as a designer.

Photo of early CJM work.

Time went on, and Chloe found that her favourite designs, and those that pleased the public the most, were her tongue in cheek, cheekily erotic jewellery pieces. They were like marmite, you either loved them or you hated them. They created fun conversations and stuck in peoples minds. Chloe expanded on the idea and so CJM became Dirty French Girl, and a new brand was born.

DFG’s brand embassador is the beautiful and seducitve model, actress and opera singing showgirl Valis Volkova. Valis and Chloe have been friends for many years, and Chloe could think of no one more perfect to represent her brand: sexy and classy, erotic but demure, Valis is the embodiment of DFG.

Photo from Valis Volkova’s instagram, featuring the Bite My Pearl necklace.

The brand is set to launch in September, so check the website ( and follow Dirty French Girl on instagram and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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