Dirty French Girl is a feminist brand that beleives jewellery to be genderless. Any item can be worn by anyone, any time they like. DFG is of the opinion that the terms “men’s” jewellery and “women’s” are only useful because we still associate certain designs with them (such as cufflinks with men), but does not believe they in any way nominate who should be wearing them!

Designing with worthy causes in mind, Dirty French Girl uses her jewellery as a vehicle for female empowerment, and embodies an inclusive mindset. On the one hand exploring sexual expression and playfullness with her designs, DFG is opening up a conversation about (female) sexuality and gender not being taboo: the combination of female sexuality and feminism are not mutually exclusive, although it is often portrayed as such under our current societal lense. Not one to shy away from serious issues, DFG also aims to raise awareness plaguing the female (and male) condition in modern society through collaborations with other artists, and key organisations, creating designs to education, instruct and raise money for worthy causes. 

DFG has collaborated with designer Charli Cohen to raise money for BEAT, a charity that works with individuals recovering from anorexia and bulimia; she has worked with avant-gard hairdresser Anne Veck to create jewellery that can double up as hair tools, and part of the proceeds go to the Hair and Beauty Charity, an organisation that helps hairdressers facing difficult circumstances caused by illness, bereavement or financial problems. Dirty French Girl also designed a small collection of rings to raise awareness about breast cancer and donate to CoppaFeel.

DFG’s sources of inspiration include the fetish sensuality, martial arts, feminism and her british/french heritage. With a quirky sense of creativity, DFG gives life to bold idiosyncratic jewellery imbued with a cheeky twist, each piece aiming to be more iconic than the last.

Our customer
By inventing unique signature style, Dirty French Girl playfully blurs the lines between taboo and social acceptance to reimagine the way jewellery is designed. Dirty French Girl creates pieces for the customer who dares to be shameless and bold, and have a good sense of humour! Working to fill niche markets, DFG creates jewellery with a function, a message , whilst still being bold and beautiful.



Dirty French Girl is a British based brand that wants to supports other British businesses. Associating traditional materials with modern techniques and working closely with British manufacturers, DFG makes with a conscience.  All of her designs are made by hand, either by herself or a small team of hand picked artisans based in London. Her casters only use recycled eco friendly silver and gold. Envelopes and paper are reused, and business cards avoided.

DFG supports British trade whilst creating beautiful tongue in cheek jewellery. This way DFG not only does her bit for her home economy, but also keeps her carbon footprint as low as possible.


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