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Hello my lovely little DFG followers. Please put your hands together, and keep your eyes peeled, to welcome to our fabulous family the iconic KURO. Kuro is an alt model, talented musician, as sick af make up artist, amongst many other things. So, to show our appreciation, accept him into the fold, and give you something to read during this crappy lock down, here is a short interview 🙂

1. How are you? How are you dealing with the lock down?

I’m as good as can be. It’s certainly a weird time for us all to be enduring but to deal with it I’ve been surrendering entirely to artistic pursuits and using the time to get things done

2.Can you give our readers an insight into what your days are like are right now ? What has become your new routine ? Any tips on how to stay sanw?

I thought this would give me more time to structure my days and sink in to a routine but it’s actually been the opposite! I’m a night person primarily so as much as I’ve tried to keep and early wakeup call I keep working later and later into the night. My days (or now nights) are spent writing, producing music and doing yoga mostly. And I’m the WORST person to ask on keeping sane. Lost it long ago!

3.Indulge me, why do you like (working with) dirty french girl jewellery? Do you have a favourite design?

Because I love the themes portrayed that are beautifully crafted within the jewellery. The designs are unapologetically racey and not afraid to touch on more fetishy, macabre themes which I totally live for.

4. What is the first thing you’re doing when the lock down is over ?

Good question! When it’s safe to do so I’m gonna travel like crazy. Staying in one place too long gives me the fear!

So there you have it, a small inside into his beautiful mind. Follow him him on the gram @kuroasfck to keep up to date on all his awesome shenaningans.


written by Dirty French Girl